The Haunted Beaches of South Gujarat

Located 21 km southwest of Surat in south Gujarat, Dumas Beach is a popular tourist destination. It is also said to be one of the 35 most haunted places. Here’s what you need to know before you head out there. In addition to the fact that the beach is haunted, this rural area is also one of the country’s top 35 most haunted spots.

Dumas Beach is a popular tourist destination in Surat.

Dumas Beach has located about 20 km from Surat city. It can be reached by local transport. Moreover, there are domestic flights and trains to the city. It is a great spot for those who love to indulge in delicacies. In addition, local food vendors sell their delicious fare on the beach.

The Haunted Beaches of South Gujarat
The Haunted Beaches of South Gujarat

Located in the Arabian Sea, the beach is one of Surat’s most popular tourist destinations. It is a popular day-trip destination for locals and tourists and a great place to spend a picnic. The beach also offers an array of delicious street food, which makes it a convenient place to grab a snack.

It is an urban beach.

Located in Gujarat, Dumas Beach is an urban beach on the Arabian Sea. It is 21 km southwest of Surat City and is known for its black sand. It is easily accessible by road, rail, and air and is a popular tourist spot in south Gujarat. There are train stations on the city’s eastern edge, and various domestic flights operate from the Surat Airport.

The sand on Dumas beach is black due to the high iron content in the sand. This contributes to the many rumors about ghosts and paranormal activity at the beach. Many stay away from this beach at night because of the stories of disappearances and paranormal activity.

It is haunted

There are many legends about the eerie ghosts roaming around Dumas Beach, located around 20 km from Surat, Gujarat. The beach is famous for its black sand, which is believed to symbolize evil spirits. Many tourists and locals have gone missing on the beach in the past, and there are several accounts of mysterious incidents. Many have also seen orbs or ghosts floating in the air. Some have even heard whispering in their ears or even a woman crying.

Dumas Beach is renowned for its spooky stories, but no solid evidence supports these claims. Nonetheless, many travelers who have visited the beach have raved about its beauty and fun. The spooky legends about the beach do not prevent visitors from enjoying the serene environment of the beach.

It is a heritage site.

Surat’s Dumas Beach is one of the most scenic beaches in India. It is known for its black sand and clear water. The locals believe the sand is black because it once served as an ancient Hindu cremation ground. It is also said to be haunted by evil spirits who roam the beach at midnight. However, despite the ghost stories, Dumas Beach is a popular destination for day-trippers.

The black sand that makes this beach so famous is not only a beautiful sight but also a cultural one. The black sand at Dumas is the remains of bodies cremated there. It is said that the ghosts of the dead roam the beach at night. Local people avoid walking on Dumas beach after dark. Even dogs go crazy when they see people walking over the sand at night.

It offers watersports

Dumas Beach is one of the top tourist attractions in Surat. It is a black sand beach and is surrounded by palm trees. Vendors are selling different foods. If you are looking for a place to eat and relax, Dumas is the place to go. During the peak tourist season, camel and horse owners offer rides to tourists.

While at Dumas Beach, remember to try out some other beach activities. The beach is great for ATV driving, and you can rent a quad for an hour or two. You can also rent a camel or go horseback riding. You won’t find water skiing here, but if you are an adventurer, you can sign up for a parasailing activity.

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