Popular Tourist Attractions in Gujarat

Gujarat is located on the western coast of India and has numerous popular tourist attractions. The state stretches over 1,600 km along the coastline and includes most of the Kathiawar peninsula. The state is a great place to visit to witness the history and culture of the area. It is home to a diverse range of cultural and historical landmarks, and its many beaches attract thousands of tourists each year.

Vijay Vilas Palace

If you’re looking for a historical landmark in Gujarat, you can’t go wrong with Vijay Vilas Palace. It was the all-time summer palace of Jadeja Maharao of Kutch and is located on the sea beach of Mandvi.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Gujarat
Popular Tourist Attractions in Gujarat

The palace is the red sandstone and features a large dome in the middle. There are also many colorful glass windows and carvings on the walls. The palace is also home to a peacock sanctuary and features a large private beach.

Julia Minar

If you want to explore the beautiful historical monuments in Gujarat, there are several must-visit sites to choose from. Some of Gujarat’s most popular tourist attractions include Jhultla Minar, Somnath Temple, and Ram V Sutar’s State of Unity. The State of Unity is a monument commemorating the 143rd birth anniversary of freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It features the strong personality of this national hero.

One of Gujarat’s most stunning tourist attractions is the Jhulta Minar, a 15th-century architectural wonder. Its construction is a puzzle of intricate pieces, and it isn’t easy to figure out how it works. When one minaret is shaken, the others are shifted, creating an oscillating effect. It has been referred to as the swinging minaret because of this peculiarity.

Statue of Unity

One of Gujarat’s most popular tourist attractions is the Statue of Unity.

  • It is the tallest statue in the world and was inaugurated on October 31, 2018. 
  • The statue is a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, India’s first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister. 
  • He is also known as the Iron Man of India.

The Statue of Unity is situated in a lush garden full of hundreds of flowers. The garden is filled with an enchanting scent and is a favorite with nature lovers and history buffs. From the thigh area of the statue, you can get a fantastic bird’s eye view of the city and the surrounding area.

Mandvi beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Gujarat. 

  • The beach is known for its clear waters and loose sand. 
  • The surrounding area offers many activities, including camel rides. 
  • The area is also a popular spot for yoga. 
  • The surrounding area is highly scenic and serene.

Mandvi is located in the Kutch district and offers a tranquil and soothing seashore. The beach is clean and safe and is ideal for swimming and relaxing. The sand and water are incredibly beautiful, and the windmills make this a great place to enjoy the night sky.


Saputara is a hill station in Gujarat that boasts endless natural beauty. Often called the “abode of serpents” because of its snake-like namesake, Saputara has a wealth of attractions to offer visitors.


When planning a trip to Gujarat, consider spending some time in Junagadh. It is the capital city of the former Junagadh Princely State and offers many historical monuments and wildlife encounters. It is also close to Gir National Park and Sakkabaug Zoo. There is a rich cultural heritage, and the nearby Girnar Hills are a spiritual haven. The city is also home to the Uperkot Fort, a popular tourist attraction.

Adalaj Vav

If you’re visiting Gujarat, one of the top things you can do is visit the Adalaj Stepwell, an ancient water building. This well was constructed in 1499 by the Muslim king Mehmud Begda for Queen Rani Roomba. It is considered one of the most beautiful stepwells in the country, and it showcases some of the region’s most intricate carvings. This place is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Somnath temple

Somnath temple, also known as Deo Patan, is located in Prabhas Patan, Veraval, Gujarat, India. It is considered to be one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites. It is one of the twelve jyotirlinga shrines, or shrines of Shiva.

Gir National Park

Among the best things to do in Gir National Park are cultural visits to the tribal communities of Maldharis and Siddis. You can participate in tribal dances during the annual festival and enjoy local food. You can also meet local tribes and learn about their lifestyles.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best things to do in Gujarat in the Western Ghats mountain range. It is located in the Nandurbar District of Gujarat.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Located in the state of Gujarat, the Lakshmi Vilas Palace was constructed by the Gaekwad family, a powerful Maratha family that ruled over the state of Baroda. The palace’s main architect was Major Charles Mant.

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